For how long?

For how long will we be in the fear of the people made us think that showing skin attracts attention?

For how long will we be in the fear of not stepping out of the house after 10?

For how long will we dream of a super hero who’ll soon take us to a place safer?

Here, I ask you, women women all around, who’s the safest of y’all? None, because even a woman with bodyguards was harassed.

For how long will we sit and think about how the world disappointed us in a million ways?

For how long are we going to think that one day saree, burkha, salwar and skirt will all be treated the same?

“A thousand ways how you can judge a woman.” Book by a brain smaller than your mini skirt. Isn’t it?

Women women all around, who’s the loudest of y’all? None because when she screamed, she was killed and other who arouse too.

“I have scars on my back and a story to narrate, with nothing to loose but a day to regret with crushed feather and broken crown, here I’m to tell you my story, you hardly know but you have an idea, it was about that night which wasn’t a night but a day, where I was brutally raped, killed and thrown in to the heaps of no where for being in short. My imagination was not limited but for sure, it never had this. After all I was just 6.”

For how long will we be consider to be different from men? I hope this world gets better, one day, soon and you find everything you want to live happily with no fear and not in the dreams of a moron hero who’s never gonna come. Speak out. I hope women will help women to make it better.


Dear unloved.

Dear unloved,

 I know what you’re going through. I know you overthink and you think you are the most depressed human on the earth.
I know, you are a debris, fragile and bleeding. And let me tell you, you aren’t lost, you are a beautiful soul who’s yet to be found.
 I know, you hate when I say you deserve happiness but somewhere you know you deserve better, you don’t deserve what you got.
 I know, how vicious you are being to yourself these days, I saw the scars on your wrist. I noticed, how perfectly you fake a smile and click pictures.
 I know, there’s a time, in the middle of the night where you feel that everything is crashing down on your head. I know, you were selfish, the voices inside haunt you, means of pleasure is self-harm for you.
 I know, you crave to visit all of your favorite places but you feel you don’t have a companion to go. But you do have a companion, and that’s you.
 I know but you don’t, you deserve better, far better than what you are going through. There are times when I just pray that you understand what happened to you and stop blaming yourself.
 I know but you don’t, you are beautiful but through scars, you carve on your body aren’t. You don’t know you’ll be carrying those scars forever on your body and they’ll remind you of those bad memories.
 I know but you don’t, you aren’t the saddest human on the earth, there’s more pain in the world.
 I know but you don’t, you’re not going to stay like this forever, your Shadow days will be over soon. And moving on isn’t tough. You’ll. You’ll be able to give love, to someone who deserves.
 I know but you don’t, your happiness is totally dependent on your-so-called love. You forgot what self-love is. At the end, it’s you who’s going to stay with yourself. Love yourself, please.
The one who’s watching you shatter.


An important notice for y’ll.

I don’t know who you are or maybe I do but if you are scrolling down through it, let me tell you that you are beautiful soul and yes, I know you haven’t done changing but that’s fine. You are not just existing but somewhere somehow making someone smile. I know, you have a lot of shit in your life but believe me it’s just not you, there are people who are going through a hell lot of shit than what you are going through and you can make it, yes you can. There’s nothing here you can’t do. You aren’t worthless or the saddest human on the earth. Your Shadow days will be over soon, I promise. You existence is important to someone you don’t give a damn about. But that’s human behaviour and it’s okay. Everything happens for a reason and one day you’ll look back and think that it’s good that it’s over. Have a nice day. (I know I’m posting it at the end of the day)


You come, you go.

You come,
You go.
You need,
You don’t.
You care,
Then it’s rare.
You love,
You make it disappear.
You want,
You call it attraction.
It was forever,
And then for a fraction.
You come to me with love,
And then transforms to hate.
You beg for an apology,
Then you repeat the mistake.
This goes a hundred time,
Until we decide, we aren’t fine.
So you find someone else,
To redo this story.



I loved,
I cried,
I begged,
I broke,
Things you deceived.
I smelled,
It was lust,
And love no more.
You left,
I begged and deplored.
I recalled,
What was us,
And trusted it will be happily ended.
But discovered
Motives to send,
The energy of intimacy,
In ways, which were nasty
For being together,


Just another one.

Yaad hai?
Tune mujhe chalna seekhaya tha?
Tune mujhe chamach pakadna seekhaya tha?
Yaad kar, tune mujhe apni gandi shakal se hasaya tha?
Tu ek farishte se kam nahi,
Khud ko kaat Kar mujhe khilata tha.
Tujhe yaad nahi, par mujhe toh hai na.
Aaj tujhe vo sab vapas dena chahti hu,
Par sabko pata hai mai dene ke kabil nahi.
Ya shayad dene ke liye kuch hai hi nahi.
Ye shakal surat?
Ye rehna?
Ye jeena?
Sabke naseeb me todhi hai.
Par mai kaise tujhe shukriya bolu?
Kaise tujhe vo du jo tune mujhe diya?
Karna toh bohut kuch chahti hu tere liye,
Par Kar nahi pati.
Kuch rok deta hai,
Par vo kuch Karne ki aag aaj bhi hai.
Shayad ye ek zariya hai,
Tujhe shukriya bolne ka,
Par ye bhi kam hai,
Kya tab bhi,
Teri ankho ka tara rahungi na Mai?
Meri Khushi me teri Khushi rahegi na?
Teri pari bann ke rahungi na?


Aaj bhi tujhse pyaar karta hu.

Mujhe Yaad hai vo lamhe,
Jab tera hath mere hath me hua karta tha.
Jab tera muskurana jeene ki umeed deta tha
Tere hone ki khushi sabse zyada shayad mujhe hi thi.
Raat bhar Teri awaz sunna,
Raat bhar tera mazak udana,
Raat bhar tera bolna,
Sab yaad ata hai.
Par ab toh Tu anjaan hai.
Shayad tujhe bhi vo sab yaad ata ho,
Shayad tujhe bhi vo raatien,
Ek nakli muskaan de jati ho.
Ab tu dur hai,
Par kisi ke sath Nahi.
Ye khayal, ek umeed de jata hai.
Par ek cheez bata,
Kya vo pyaar tha?
Tha, toh ab kaha h?
Uss pyaar ke liye aaj bhi tadapta hu.
Dhoondha tujhe Maine sabme,
Tu nahi mili kisime.
Tune pyaar karna seekha toh diya,
Par ab Tu nahi toh kya karu iska?
Tune ehsas dilaya ki duniya buri Nahi hai.
Vapas Aja,
Sochte hai,
Galti meri thi
Ya teri.
Pyaar yaha zinda hai
Aur shayad rahega bhi.
Tera pyaar Tu hi de sakti hai,
Tu toh Tu hi hai na.
Haa, tha pyaar vo
Mere liye,
Jo zinda hai,
Par shayad yaha Nahi.
Aaj bhi teri salamati mangta hu,
Aaj bhi tujhse pyaar karta hu.